When The Dark Clouds Of Doubt Disappear.

Do you ever feel like you are under a dark cloud that shadows your every move?

I took this great image over the weekend. I am so stimulated by my environment now I embrace it. It brings me never-ending inspiration to fill my head with words and write them. When dark clouds obscured my view in my past I saw nothing. I felt nothing. I had no words.

I never would allow the sun in to lift the dark clouds and ease my gloom. I always had a feeling of impending doom for 12 years in my life. I was stuck in my head and my heart was breaking. I had no direction in my life or career. I didn't know me.

I couldn't hear me, nobody could see me. I was invisible. I had no voice.

What silver lining? It was all bullshit! It did not exist in my world. This is what the image would have looked like before.

Do you ever feel like that? That you are under a dark cloud that shadows your every move?

Are you encouraging it to follow you around though? Sometimes we can carry invisible dark clouds with us in life. The ones that cloud our vision with lies and distortions of our truth. Distracting us from who we are and what we want in life. My dark cloud was self-doubt which in turn led to a lack of self-compassion.

It was all made up though. I created it. And so I brought those dark clouds around to rain on my parade and that of others I will admit every day.

It eroded my confidence for years.

What happened when I let the sun into my head and my heart?

I began to start loving myself and others. I started living. I changed my life, my outlook, my work, and brought who I am and what I stand for to the surface.

When there’s a dark cloud chasing you, sometimes all you need is love.

The kind that understands and sees you for who you are, what you stand for and who you will be when you let go of the shadows. This week let the dark clouds part and the reality of your human existence shines through.

Give me one good reason why it is not worth letting the light in.

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