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How does My Unique #p4P Progress 4 Purpose career coaching process work?

I have created a new strategy with my clients called #P4P involving the following steps:





In each phase of the #P4P career coaching program, you’ll get four key components:



Action steps using suitable tools and templates

Goal setting

The objective is not to do everything at once, but to take ONE meaningful action in each step in a way that works for your desired transition. You pick the one next step that would have the biggest impact in helping you progress.


Choose an area of your career where you would like to change or progress. Get curious and creative by creating the space to explore it in more detail. 

Identify what success could look like for you by the end of our #P4P career coaching program.

What type of progress would you be happy with? 

What type of momentum would completing #P4P career coaching program create for you to move forward?

What to expect

Sessions are tailored to your needs requirements and are focused on getting practical results.

Each client receives a detailed coach/client contract outlining expectations and the level of commitment and investment required by both parties.

You can meet me in person in Dublin and surrounding areas, speak with me online via Zoom conferencing or Whatsapp. Consulting services are available nationwide and globally.

A convenient location suitable for both parties will be arranged.

No sessions will be facilitated without prior payment. Payment is accepted online via card using Stripe or bank transfer if located in Ireland.

Email and phone support is available between sessions (calls are strictly subject to prior agreement based on availability)

Tools and templates are provides based on an individuals needs.

Sessions are available until 8.30pm in the evening only.

No weekend appointments are facilitated.

Working with me is a partnership I will meet you at your level.

You are the expert on yourself. I’m there to support you to discover more.


I am happy to call you for a brief 10 minute chat. Please email me at to arrange or use the submission form here.

Why Work With Me?

1. I came through the redundancy process and reinvented myself.

2. I transferred my skill set, retrained and enabled my career change to consultancy.

3. I can relate to the challenges you face.

4. I won't let you forget that you are human in the process.

5. I am a former Financial Adviser and Insurance Executive.

6. I have a DIP FS.INS and over 20 years of industry experience.

7. I am a high challenge professional that has high impact with my clients.

My Consultancy Core Values:

I am committed to being relatable, open, and transparent. Integrity is my core value. I will help you to seek out your truth and gather the evidence you need to support your decision making. I won't bullshit you! I am a realist.

How will Collaborate?

I will partner with you to analyze:

1. The current blocks or issues highlighted in our meetings

2. Your current reality in your career

3. Your desired future ideal state in your career

4. The barriers preventing you from achieving that desired future state

5. The forces for change that exist in your life

6. Your personal and professional values and beliefs

7. Your readiness and capacity for dealing with change

8. Changes in your environment that may impact you and your personal and professional relationships.

how will it Benefit you?

1. Reconnecting with your values and purpose.

2. Remembering what it means to be human.

3.Increased confidence, courage and clarity that leads to realistic change and progress.

How Much doEs A #P4p Packages Cost?

From the 01st April 2019 there is a minimum booking policy of a #P4P 4 session package. Most of my clients do a session every two to three weeks but the choice is yours. Programs can be adjusted as required to facilitate flexibility to schedules.

If you are not ready to commit to a coaching package a one-off perspective session can be facilitated at a fee of €420.00. One off sessions are available online only on selected dates monthly. All online meeting will be made via Zoom Conferencing Only.

For more information on how to join a zoom meeting see here.

You can schedule your perspective session below

#P4P 4 Session Career Coaching Program

4 x One to One 90 minutes sessions



Action steps using suitable tools and templates

Goal setting

2 month email support

Total Cost: €600.00

#P4P 8 Session Career Coaching Program

8 x One to One 90 minutes sessions



Action steps using suitable tools and templates

Goal setting

4 month email support

Total Cost: €1,050.00

#P4P 12 Session Career Coaching Program

12 x One to One 90 minutes sessions



Action steps using suitable tools and templates

Goal setting

6 month email support

Total Cost: €1,650.00


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