Career Change and Pivot Consultant Pauline Harley.

Sometimes in the waves of change, we find our true direction.
— Unknown


Helping you pivot...

Calmly and confidently and create a ripple effect in your life and career.

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How Can Career Coaching and Pivot Consulting help You?


In business and startups, learning to pivot is the norm. Launch, learn and look an listen then pivot. You have to be able to see and feel what works to get it right. If something is not working, then change direction and try again.

But what about as humans in our lives and careers?

How do we learn to have the courage to pivot in a calm and confident way?

It can be easier to talk about than to put into practice. As humans, we are creatures of habit. We often get stuck in cycles of doing and thinking the same thing over and over without taking action.

We can fear the unknown. That fear erodes our into our courage and confidence to create change.

But when you build your confidence muscle to pivot, it sure feels good!

If something is not working for you, or you want change, it's time to get into the driving seat and take control. If you veer off road on route to your destination you can always make a u turn to get back on track.

Career coaching and pivot consulting helps you take out the map and plan where you want to go. When you do the work it makes it easier for you to get there.

Do you want to..

Align your work with your values and the life you want to lead

Feel like you are part of something and creating impact

Escape that 9-5 rat race

Be your own boss

Move forward following redundancy

Make a pivot and repurpose your career

Prepare yourself for the transition to retirement

Overcome stress and burnout

Achieve a sense of reassurance,happiness and inner calm

Take positive action

If so working with me can help you find the way forward.



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I'm Pauline Harley, Career Change Coach and Pivot Consultant. I refer to myself as a relatable no BS expert on career change, pivots and redundancy.

What is my USP? I have been through all of the areas I consult in as a human bar retirement.

I have negotiated my way through each challenge with the emotional resilience and outlook needed to succeed. I help people pivot in their lives and careers for more happiness, fulfilment and growth.

Pauline is one of those special people that you are lucky enough to meet and work with in life. She is passionate about her business but it’s driven by her passion to help people.

My own personal experience with Pauline as a coach has been heart and mind opening. Highly recommend this straight talking, compassionate woman.
— Lynda Cruise Business Owner
“Pauline is brilliant at making you realize your full potential. No judgments, Pauline helps you put the pieces of the jigsaw together.

Can’t recommend her enough. Since starting my coaching I have had more time for my business and I also have new clients.”
— Paula Kilduff Business Owner Reflexology With Paula

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