Career Change Coach and Consultant Pauline Harley

I help you transition in,out and up in your career with more confidence

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About Me

I am a Career Change, Executive Coach and Pivot Consultant based in Dublin. I help you transition in, out or up in your career or business with more confidence.

I refer to myself as a relatable, no-BS human on career confidence, change and redundancy. I am a former broker,bodybuilder and burnout survivor.

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How Can I help You?

In business and startups, learning to pivot is the norm. Launch, learn and look and listen then pivot.

You have to be able to see and feel what works to get it right.

If something is not working, then change direction and try again.

But what about as humans in our lives and careers?

How can we build the confidence and courage needed to gain clarity and make a career change or pivot?

Are you looking for a career change, pivot or facing redundancy or retirement?

Do you need to work on your assertiveness and confidence for a career change or progression?

Do you want more confidence to use your voice in your career or your business?

Working with me can help you to create the #Confidence4Change

Confidence, Courage, Clarity, Change.

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