The Startup of Me. Heavy vs Lean Pivoting.

Before and after picture of woman who was 5 stone overweight and chronically ill

In 2014 I was five stone overweight and chronically ill.

It was a pivotal point in my life which led me on to many more.

No specific eureka moment drove me to change my life radically. Instead, there were lots of sharp pain points. I had much shrapnel to pull out and let the wounds heal. It was only then that I moved forward. I was a creature of habit, but us humans are complicated things.

So I had to challenge myself to succeed in a new environment and under new conditions.


By re-calibrating. You can read more about how I lost the weight on Thrive Global if interested. I had to make the exercise and nutrition go from being an activity to a ritual.

A ritual to save my life and enable me to go from one pivot to the next.

You have to make your body your no one priority in a pivot. You need every cell to be high functioning. You will be in overdrive answering difficult questions. Willpower is a limited resource.

The extra stressors can lead to over sensitivity. Health fluctuations that may not have affected you in the past can do so now.

With a change, you have to safeguard your emotional and physical health to succeed. Numbing out stress with food and alcohol is not advisable. Test yourself and see what your triggers are.

What elevates your mood, creativity and physical and emotional resilience?

What kills it?

A glass of wine or two is fine but reaching for a third when you have to wake up the next day and wrestle with complex pivot questions is not good. You be the judge find what works for you and practice it consistently.

Get the basics of good sleep, exercise and nutrition in place. Strip your life down to the most productive and healthy ones, so you have a clean system to operate from daily

Kick the crutch and ace the goal.

What rituals have helped you in a transition or pivot?

Would you be willing to share them in the comments below?

You never know who you could have an impact on today.

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