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Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist


Ciaran Foy

Very motivating and inspiring. Pauline’s passion shines through and she connects with you on a personal level, encouraging you to believe in yourself and what you are doing.

Pauline’s coaching has resulted in more free time in my personal life yet with increased clients in my business. I value my time.

She is professional and doesn’t step over any boundaries, this creates the right environment you to grow. Thanks for the coaching, your advice has had a massively positive influence on my personal and professional life.


Paula Kilduff

Pauline is brilliant at making you realise your full potential. No judgements, Pauline helps you put the pieces of the jigsaw together.

Can’t recommend her enough. Since starting my coaching I have had more time for my business and I also have new clients.


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Business Owner


Lynda Cruise

Pauline is one of those special people that you are lucky enough to meet and work with in life. She is passionate about her business but it’s driven by her passion to help people.

My own personal experience with Pauline as a coach has been heart and mind opening. Highly recommend this straight talking, compassionate woman.


More Client Testimonials

I knew Pauline through my tech business and had gotten to know her. She is someone very approachable, easy to talk to, visible with her ethics and the trust grew fast. I knew I could confide in her when I received this ‘last straw’ and I needed some help because my next step was throwing in the towel, which I didn’t want to do either.

During our sessions, she allowed me space to allow myself be angry at the way I had been treated as I had been bottling it all up and just taking the punches. She just listened and just let me talk about how fed up I was at being always knocked and never getting the credit (this went back to the last job I had too). Her words were always very open and calming so I never felt like I was being taken up wrong or wrong for anything I said. I needed it. Above all, and I’m not sure how exactly to explain this, I never felt ‘yeah I know I know this, I should know what to do’.

This is something I have experienced in the past, like someone reading a manual. She let me talk until I got stuck and then we worked through that. I hope that makes sense. So we always felt we were moving forward, not going in circles which is how I felt before the session, back at square one kind of thing.

When I got the hurt out of my system, she was just brilliant and we started with my strengths and how could I start to take even a baby step again because I really didn’t want to at that point. By the end of the session I did, and I could see how I could start to move forward again.  I would highly recommend Pauline. She is a rock when you need it.

Emer Carr

KI Business

Tech and Business Mentor



Pauline is inspirational. Little things she says on her live posts resonate with me and really help me relate to what’s going on in my life be it positive or not, mainly positive, she’s such a positive person.

Gwen Mc Grath

Business Owner

Assassination Custard


I love watching, listening and learning from you. Tbh, I don’t know anyone who asks me those tough questions you ask of us and your challenges really challenge me by thinking for myself and not reaching for my phone in order for Google to answer it for me.

I know you listen and reply only after you have heard!
You are you and not the same as them!
Instead of ‘authentic’ I’d say you are ‘Rawl’ – Raw and Real

Aisling Doherty

The Sisterhood Collective  Mindfulness Therapist

Recently I have had coaching sessions from Pauline Harley it has being an awakening of what I am capable of, I have started to flip the negatives into positives and see things in a different light, and it has worked brilliantly, then my best friend passed away, and I fell back to old ways of coping.

The difference this time is I acknowledged my grief I didn’t bury it deep inside me, I laid it all out and seen how to deal with things in a new way, I will always miss my friend, but I will use the memory of her to make a success of myself and Busy Beaders.

The reason I am telling you is that if you need a business coach, Pauline is one of the best for making you honest with yourself using skills you already have but weren’t using.

I had several sessions with Pauline to help me find my core values and to build upon them in my personal life and my business, if there was a 10-star review it wouldn’t be enough for this woman, highly recommended

Thank you, Pauline

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Pauline is an amazing Coach, and I loved working with Pauline. Pauline is truly interested in you as a person and a client and is so full of energy that you can’t help but absorb her positive energy. If you are at a crossroads and not sure which path to take Pauline will gently guide you to find your path.

Angela Quain

Wellbeing/ Self Esteem//Personal & Mindset Coach.
Heal Your Life Teacher/Leader
Reiki Master


Pauline is an enormously competent coach with a wealth of life experience. She takes a very balanced approach to everything and I would highly recommend her services.

Fiona O'Donnell



Pauline really helped me to focus on my values & to find my way, she brought me back to basics & gave me the tools to do so.

Tracy Hyland

Business Owner

My mum and I attended one of Pauline's workshops and enjoyed it so much. Pauline is a breath of fresh air when it comes to getting your sh*t together, be it in your personal or professional life and she walks the talk to show it. Will definitely be attending again and recommending to others!

Siobhan Rooney


What some of my workshop attendees say.

“To me, there was a unique air of positivity from Pauline and the group that just fueled the day”

“It’s a great day off from life, with no stress and no rushing – just me time!”

” The connection created in the group was AMAZING, I got so much energy, motivation and enthusiasm by simply being a part of that beautiful space and learned so much from Pauline that I will use for many areas of life.”

“Such a fun, inspirational and thought-provoking day!”

 “It was a lovely day with like-minded women”

“I really enjoyed the day and the course was very useful.  The welcome packs were a really nice touch and you obviously put a lot of thought into them.  The atmosphere was really inspirational and you created a place where it was easy to share thoughts, feelings and opinions.

The memory of the day is just so positive in my mind.  I loved the easy-going style of your presentation and that you didn’t spend the whole time with your own agenda, reading off slides. 


"You put so much work into the course and it was obvious to me that you love what you do. This is your special power :)”

“You created an amazing day with some fantastic people thank you, I truly enjoyed the day from start to finish”