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Redundancy Coaching

Being made redundant can be a devastating time.

I know from personal experience. I was made redundant in 2015.

Rebuilding self-esteem, self-worth and confidence is the next step.

What next?

Taking time to work out what you want will help you get motivated to start taking action.

Whether to stay in the same industry, pivot or even start your own business are important choices to make.

What support systems do you need to survive restructuring and redundancy at work?

Change happens all the time, it is inevitable, but it can also cause significant stress and upheaval. Everyone is affected including our loved ones.

Here are some key support systems you need right now.

They come from my personal experience and my head and heart.

1. Resilience reinforcement

2. Someone else to believe in you even if you don't

3. Empathy and compassion

4. A fresh perspective to rewrite a new career narrative

5. A new toolbox to re-brand yourself

6. Strategies to let go of the fear of judgement and shame

7. Value realignment to create new opportunities

8. Removal of blind spots

9. Re-establishing of past strength, success and skills

10. Grounding

I can support you through all these stages of redundancy as needed.

To begin exploring your options you can book a one-off perspective session. Access to my calendar is here.