Career Coaching and Pivot Consulting

Coaching Packages and Consulting Services

How does the career coaching process work?

Most of my clients do two to three sessions over a four to six week period. I work in 90 minute sessions. The sessions are tailored to your needs and are focused on getting practical results.

You can meet me in person, speak with me on the phone or online via Zoom conferencing. Consulting services are available nationwide and globally.

Sessions are available until 8 pm in the evening only.

No weekend appointments are facilitated.

Working with me is a partnership I will meet you at your level.

You are the expert on yourself. I’m there to support you to discover more.

I partner with:

Professionals, Executives, Small Business Owners, Retirees, Small to medium enterprises

* Specialist Niche Finance, Sales and Insurance Industry *

Consulting packages available for:

1. Career change

2. Pivots to small business ownership

3. Transitioning from redundancy and retirement

4. Outplacement services

5. Communicating with confidence and assertiveness in your career or business

Why Work With Me?

1. I have been through the redundancy process myself.

2. I transferred my skill set, retrained and did my career pivot to business ownership.

3. I can relate to the challenges you face.

4. I won't let you forget that you are human in the process.

5. I am a former Financial Adviser and Insurance Executive.

6. I have a DIP FS.INS and over 20 years of industry experience.

My Coaching Consultancy Core Values:

I am committed to being relatable, open, and transparent. Integrity is my core value. I will help you to seek out your truth and gather the evidence you need to support your decision making. I won't bullshit you either! I am a realist.

How Does My Specific Consulting Practice Work?

Together We Analyse:

1. The current blocks or issues highlighted in our meetings

2. Your current reality

3. Your desired future ideal state

4. The barriers preventing you from achieving that desired future state

5. The forces for change that exist in your life

6. Your personal and professional values and beliefs

7. Your readiness and capacity for dealing with change

8. Changes in your environment that may impact you and your personal and professional relationships.

What Are The Benefits For You?

1. Reconnecting with your values and purpose.

2. Remembering what it means to be human.

3. Building emotional fitness to enable a more calm and confident presence in your personal and professional life.

How Much Does It Cost?

I recommend two x 90 minutes sessions to begin. But the choice is yours. After all sessions, I follow up with the person by phone or by email regardless to see if there’s anything else they need.

The cost of a 90 minute consultation is €150.00

For more specific details on #Confidence4Change consulting services see below.




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