Boardroom with meeting chairs and table

Career Confidence

Finding your voice is the first step towards getting and keeping a seat at the table in your career. It isn’t always easy.

Together we can work on:

1. Having the courage to ask for what you want. That way you can raise your hand and be heard.

2. Believing in yourself. If you don’t know what value you bring to the table, no one else will.

3. How to contribute with purpose and confidence.

4. How to do your homework and come to the table with an opinion. One that you can back up with data and evidence and also support with your values and beliefs.

I had impostor syndrome for years. I'd shut up & put up. I was excellent at my former role as a broker.

Yet, when I sat in boardrooms I couldn’t articulate my opinion. I wasn't confident enough.

Part of what makes impostor syndrome so hard to overcome is that the very thing that drives many successful people (the need to be perfect is also what fuels their self-doubt).

The minute we start to struggle, we think, oops, maybe I don’t belong here.

You do, you may need to equip yourself with the skills to assert yourself and show up more confident.

The fear of perception that causes people to deceive themselves and undersell their skills and strengths.

Go and get the evidence you need to support how you want to be perceived as a professional.

It will help you craft your narrative and ground you in who you are.

To begin exploring your options you can book a one-off perspective session. Access to my calendar is here.